About Us

Tariq Molloy


Havitowah was established in 2016 to spread Peace, Love, and Happiness. The meaning of  Havitowah (Have It or What) is portrayed within the word and we ask ,"how yuh feel?" as a sense of Love. Whether you have peace, love, happiness, or not is what it means to Havitowah. We want to know whether you, the customer, has Peace, Love, or Happiness and are ready to help us spread it around the world through just one word. Our goal is to make your day better  by wearing one of our products knowing what it means to Hav-It-owah!

Why Choose Us?

Our products are very unique and comfortable. We want our customers to feel the Peace, Love, and Happiness that we present throughout our clothing.

You Are Your Only Limit

Tariq Molloy